Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Close to a Live Adventure

so last night i had satted into a 80 euro freezeout with the top 5 players getting a 1300 euro package to the ipops live tournment held in Barcelona...despite two hours of late registration there was still a fat overlay with the packages worth 11k but the 85 entrants meant that only 6k was put into the pot.

Long story short i got onto the final table in good nick in about 3rd in chips, but i bled a few chips away and when we got to bubble time there was one redic chip leader with 200k, one person on 70k and 4 of us on 30-40k. what this then meant was that the chip leader was chucking his chips round and stealing every pot, it went on for about 3 orbits and there was even an all in and call, but the short stack's K7 hit quad kings against the chip leaders optimistic qj off suit.

Anyways the sad end to the tale is that eventually i defended a blind steal with KQ caught a king and ended up all against the obvious steal, but alas he actually had hid a set of fives and i was bubble boy. I then had the pleasure of all the players typing in see you in Barcelona etc which really was a kick in the balls.

In Better news im £116 up in two days since i "reset" my bankroll to £500. I'll withdraw £100 tomorrow and that will be the first withdrawal in my target for £3k.


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