Monday, 15 August 2011


Still playing barely maybe 3 times in 3 weeks, this is on my "staked account"

my share of winnings is going straight into holiday fund and i have $0 on any site


Monday, 8 August 2011

Selling Myself

Right so the whole $300 starting again is not over a week i've played 3 sessions. 1 proper session at 5c/10c and 2 slight degen sessions at 25c/50c PLO and NLH. I lost about $100 in total an have decided to stop the stake and look for something a bit bigger.........ideally i want to be playing 25c/50c with a decent bankroll so i can 24 table and really grind so im gonna look around and sell myself as follows......

My name is Adam Daly (ebouesnan on Full Tilt and the_shocker7 on Stars) and i've been playing poker for a few the last couple of years i have been taking it a bit more seriously, after experimenting with the various games I found NLH Full Ring to be my best game before I then found Rush Poker

ive lost all my pre 2011 poker data as my laptop died but historically I was beating rush for about 1-2bb/100 at 10c/25c level for many months obviously this is not amazing but I was winning and with rakeback was withdrawing about $300 a month into my account to help with bills . In Feb this year I brought a new laptop and also found a thread by Verneer on moving up through the stakes at rush...i signed up to cardrunners and watched a few video's and everything seemed to click

i have also played a tiny bit over the years on stars.........i think basically very small wins over my decent games of full ring and losses at other attempts

recently i have lost a couple of hundred trying to force my way back into action following Full Tilts demise

I'm looking for a decent stake for full ring, preferably at 25c/50c and I need the stake to be deep enough for me to multitable upto as much as 24 tables, I am very passionate about poker and want to be back playing, i'm hoping a stake with quality feedback will focus me and i can get back to how i was playing earlier this year.

Volume wise depends on the site i play on, i think i can probably spare about 30 hours a month, obviously if this is on stars i could be 24 tabling and playing 1k+ hands an hour but on other sites particularly ipoker i dont think i can play as many tables..

i have just opened a Skype account with the name adamdaly7, i am open to opening MSN etc if needed, i dont really use these normally but appreciate some kind of e-communication system will be needed!

as for references im very active in the staking section as a backer and ive also been backed in around 10 one day mtt packages as well as a longer term 100 game package for Volmond

thanks for reading and i hope to hear from you soon