Thursday, 28 July 2011

Back to Square 1

Right after the not very surprising but very frustrating news that the FTP hearing has been postponed until as late as 15th of September I have decided enough is enough!!

I’ve rarely played in a month and when I have I’ve been doing MTT sessions and losing, so basically in my head the Full Tilt money is gone and im starting from the beginning – I have a $300 roll (staked)and im going to grind full ring cash with only occasional mtt nights.

Bankroll management is back so ill be playing prob $12.50 buyins at 25c nlh and max 16 tabling, I need to hit the ground running and know turning back!!

Will stop and re-evaluate at $1k

Wish me luck


Saturday, 16 July 2011

I want Full Tilt back!!

gettin really bored with this stake on mtts want to be back playing cash asap

the stake has been near 2 weeks and will end tomorrow, at the moment im down about $170......

figs updated on the side for the month/year

i'm looking into a new stake which will be cash + mtts but ideally just want my full tilt roll back

shit post sorry


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Stake Update

so im doing this stake on two plus two, 100 games of $11 and below buyin and 4 days in ive done 30 games...

and im down $18 FML!!

played 9 hours today but couldnt get nothing amazing going... the best shot was reaching the final table of a $4.50 180 manner 2/9 but i epicly blew it and came 8th

ive snapped twice as well, im getting used to the beats but today i had back to back beats close to the bubble of a $3 rebuy AA losing to QQ all in pre and then KK losing a 3 way all in to KJ and Q9 the KJ 4 flushing me.

ill leave you with the biggest disappointment thus far... my best cash so far but what happens if this fucker holds and i got top 20 with 200 left?

PokerStars - $10+$1|1400/2800 NL (9 max) - Holdem - 9 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 3:

UTG+1: 27,701.00
MP: 158,281.00
MP+1: 20,590.00
LP: 38,669.00
CO: 23,891.00
BTN: 322,207.00
SB: 91,564.00
BB: 101,112.00
Hero (UTG): 76,243.00

UTG+1 posts ante 350.00, MP posts ante 350.00, MP+1 posts ante 350.00, LP posts ante 350.00, CO posts ante 350.00, BTN posts ante 350.00, SB posts ante 350.00, BB posts ante 350.00, Hero posts ante 350.00, SB posts SB 1,400.00, BB posts BB 2,800.00

Pre Flop: (7350.00) Hero has Ac Ah

Hero raises to 5,600.00, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, BTN raises to 13,988.00, fold, fold, Hero raises to 75,893.00 and is all-in, BTN calls 61,905.00

Flop: (159136.00, 2 players) Js 3d 2h

Turn: (159136.00, 2 players) 9c

River: (159136.00, 2 players) 3s

Hero shows Ac Ah (Two Pair, Aces and Threes) (PreFlop 81%, Flop 92%, Turn 5%)
BTN shows 9h 9s (Full House, Nines full of Threes) (PreFlop 19%, Flop 8%, Turn 95%)
BTN wins 159,136.00

LOL Donkaments indeed

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Wowsers so much has gone on since the last proper post……..

Easily the main happening has been Full Tilt having their licence taken away meaning that all users cannot even log into Full Tilt, let alone play, transfer or withdraw. Initially I was panicking as you could easily envisage Tilt going bankrupt but as the days go on more info is leaked and the current situation is that an investor is looking at buying into Tilt which firstly would allow them to get up and running again and eventually pay back the Americans who have bee without fund for a shocking 3 months…

So with this is mind I haven’t really been able to play any real poker, I signed upto a deal with Mansion Poker where I got a $100 instant cash bonus which means I have a bit of a roll to play with but ipoker is pretty shocking for someone who likes to mass multitable so its just sitting there at the moment – but of course me winning a $1000 on there casino (see previous post) means im not even bothered if I donk that off.

With the lack of ability to play poker then I had an interesting proposal from a geezer on two plus two, I sought advice from the raise the river forum and using what they suggested have come up with the following proposal –

The bloke will back me for 100 MTT’s with a max buyin of $11, he will pay 100% of costs and in return will get 70% of any profit.

Pretty much a no brainer for me, it enables me to play the usual MTT’s I play and at no risk, im due to start this tonight and hopefully will get off to a flying start.

Figs updated on the side, I have a won a little bit in MTT’s with binking a $5 freezeout on my paddy power stake… unfortunately it was Saturday morning so not many runners and only $102 for the win.

Catch ya later