Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My interest in poker has been on a real downswing…Sunday I was buzzing for the big $200k tourney, an hour in I find my self with aces… I 3bet pre, the flop comes JJ9…. I bet pot villain calls…..the villain is playing tight 11/3 and he’s out of position so I don’t think he has a jack…turn is a blank I bet and he shoves….. can he really have a jack? The pot is so big and would put me in top 6 albeit with hours yet to play… I call and of course he has jack 10…. A great example of why HUDS aren’t always the answer…….

At the same time im also playing a $20 mtt with 300ish runners, top 30 pay….. 80 left and im about 15th….. I raise in lateish position with K9 suited get min re-reraised by chip leader…. Now I know it’s a bit fishy but I call and get a 956 flop… I really think im ahead so I check raise all in…. the villain calls for a chiplead pot ($1.2k up top) with 75, Turn 5 river 7.

Monday I enter the second chance free-roll, $5k with 250 runners but about half sitting out as you get automatically registered in, im pretty confident of a deep run and well up for it – second hand im big blind with 75 flop comes 689 – Bing Bam Boom im all in – oh right yeah he limped in early position with 10 7 off suit - Well Played Big Man.

Apart from that I played 1 hand of Rush Poker, squeezing AK into AA at FML $25 buyin and not my usual $12.50…. I lost $7 on a stake which was pretty unlucky as he had 2 top 20 finishes In some of the Sunday Majors (I had a 1% stake for $35 lol) and also we resurrected our lunchtime poker school after a 4 month absence and I lost heavily but we wont settle up for at least a month and a few more games…

Last night however was a real shining light…. Had a few drinks and with only about $40 online at the time after a few transfers for staking etc I decided to hit $10 rush Omaha… I lost $15 won it back and decided Fuck it lets play ball…I took my $40 stack to $100 rush Omaha and after not many hands I quit nearly a $100 up 

Not really gonna play too much until April, probably going to redeposit all my roll online as offline it is in risk of being gobbled up by household stuff, I’d rather keep it safe online and withdraw if necessary .. also another reason is I may go back to full ring multi tabling as rush does my tits in sometimes!

Lol catch ya later.

Sunday, 27 March 2011


its not going great, had a bad 7 buyin losing session which puts me down $45 on cash play, luckily with tourneys, rakeback and some wins on my staked account (damn i could of done with that $1k hand) im up around $35ish

tonight im deffo playing the $200k guaranteed, i might play a load of tourneys alongside it but depends on how i feel tonight!

really could do with a decent cash, id be happy with $300-$400!

will update tomorrow with results

HU $0
6-Max $0
Full Ring -$45
Omaha $0
Tourneys $20
Bonuses/RB $24
Staking $37
Total $36

Bankroll $436

Withdrawn $100

Hours 7

$ per Hour $5.14

Thursday, 24 March 2011

My Biggest Pot Ever

had a $30 spin-up attempt on my staked account

turned $30 into $120 and then decided to head to a big game

$600 heads up Omaha!!
Hand 1 Double up!

GAME #2692491150: Omaha PL $3/$6 2011/03/24 22:39:53
Table Kondopoga (No DP Heads Up)
Seat 3: LoongIsland ($600.00 in chips) DEALER
Seat 8: sh1thead1943 ($120.00 in chips)
LoongIsland: Post SB $3.00
sh1thead1943: Post BB $6.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to sh1thead1943 [S7 S8 CA C6]
LoongIsland: Raise (NF) $18.00
sh1thead1943: Raise (NF) $54.00
LoongIsland: Call $36.00
*** FLOP *** [SQ D6 D5]
sh1thead1943: Bet $66.00
LoongIsland: Call $66.00
*** TURN *** [C9]
*** RIVER *** [S10]
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $239.00 Rake $1.00
LoongIsland: Shows [S9 H8 C3 H6]
sh1thead1943: Shows [S7 S8 CA C6]
sh1thead1943: wins $239.00

lose a bit then

Hand 2 - 4 card straight is good?

GAME #2692497594: Omaha PL $3/$6 2011/03/24 22:43:58
Table Kondopoga (No DP Heads Up)
Seat 3: LoongIsland ($746.00 in chips)
Seat 8: sh1thead1943 ($177.00 in chips) DEALER
sh1thead1943: Post SB $3.00
LoongIsland: Post BB $6.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to sh1thead1943 [C7 C10 H8 S9]
sh1thead1943: Raise (NF) $18.00
LoongIsland: Raise (NF) $54.00
sh1thead1943: Raise (NF) $159.00
LoongIsland: Raise (NF) $264.00
sh1thead1943: Allin $18.00
*** FLOP *** [H9 D8 S3]
*** TURN *** [C6]
*** RIVER *** [DQ]
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $440.00 Rake $1.00
LoongIsland: Shows [SA CQ C9 HA]
sh1thead1943: Shows [C7 C10 H8 S9]
LoongIsland: wins $87.00
sh1thead1943: wins $353.00

Hand 3 - Missed Value?

GAME #2692500484: Omaha PL $3/$6 2011/03/24 22:45:46
Table Kondopoga (No DP Heads Up)
Seat 3: LoongIsland ($650.00 in chips)
Seat 8: sh1thead1943 ($373.00 in chips) DEALER
sh1thead1943: Post SB $3.00
LoongIsland: Post BB $6.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to sh1thead1943 [HK H9 HA S7]
sh1thead1943: Raise (NF) $18.00
LoongIsland: Raise (NF) $54.00
sh1thead1943: Call $36.00
*** FLOP *** [DJ CA DK]
LoongIsland: Check
sh1thead1943: Check
*** TURN *** [C7]
LoongIsland: Check
sh1thead1943: Bet $81.00
LoongIsland: Call $81.00
*** RIVER *** [C3]
LoongIsland: Check
sh1thead1943: Check
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $269.00 Rake $1.00
LoongIsland: Shows [HQ HJ D9 CK]
sh1thead1943: Shows [HK H9 HA S7]
sh1thead1943: wins $269.00

Hand 4 - $1k Flip

GAME #2692501202: Omaha PL $3/$6 2011/03/24 22:46:13
Table Kondopoga (No DP Heads Up)
Seat 3: LoongIsland ($600.00 in chips) DEALER
Seat 8: sh1thead1943 ($507.00 in chips)
LoongIsland: Post SB $3.00
sh1thead1943: Post BB $6.00
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to sh1thead1943 [CK S8 C5 DK]
LoongIsland: Raise (NF) $18.00
sh1thead1943: Raise (NF) $54.00
LoongIsland: Raise (NF) $159.00
sh1thead1943: Raise (NF) $477.00
LoongIsland: Allin $441.00
sh1thead1943: Allin $30.00
*** FLOP *** [H2 D8 SA]
*** TURN *** [H6]
*** RIVER *** [D7]
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $1,106.00 Rake $1.00
LoongIsland: Shows [HQ CA C10 CQ]
LoongIsland: wins $1,106.00

i would of deffo stopped if i won this pot

Looks like i was favorite as well!!

ah well back to my trying to build my roll at the mircostakes!!

Catch ya Later

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Its all been a bit slow since the big losing session on Saturday, I’ve played in dribs and drabs (normally hit 50 FTPs and quit) getting myself upto about $100 in Full Tilt bankroll before losing about $20 this morning….. I am extremely lacking motivation and at the moment my Football Manager Save game is a much more interesting proposition! But thinking about it If im gonna play Footie Manager why don’t a run a MTT or 90 manner alongside – Footie Manager is not reliant on me actually having to do anything so its easy to do both!

Not playing tonight as Mrs is working both weekend nights so need to spend some time together, so I better knock up some quick goals for the following week after tonight! Bankroll is about $425 and in urgent need of some divine intervention!

Some Goals to Achieve Before Month End

 10k hands before end of month
 5 MTT’s or 90 Manners
 Get to end of Verneer’s thread on 2P2
 Set up Betting accounts so I can do matched betting with my Offline Bankroll
 Ship $200k tourney on Sunday or at least get top fifty place for a 50/50 split on about $900 J

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Stop Loss Met

Jesus last night was tough..........$100 won in the 700 hands over the weekend, $100 lost over 2k hands last night......gonna have to look through my hands and list them here to see where i went wrong...

first off the bat its easy to see a why I lost - 3 stacks won, 9 lost including a double stack.........

3 pots won

99>22 on K924 Board - OK
AA>99 on K74 Flop - OK
AK>AQ all in pre flop - OK

9 pots lost

1010QQ<88 on 899 Flop - COOLER
QQQQ<33 all in pre flop - SUCKOUT
A4cc22JJAJA10>AK all in pre flop - TERRIBLE
J10>JJ on Jxx Flop - TERRIBLE

i really need to get it into my fat head that people generally have it when they bet it - RUSH + FULL RING = TIGHT MUTHAF****S

i did manage to come 4th in a 45 manner for $20 profit so a bit clawed back... roll is an unhealthy $430 need to grind my way out of this...

Monday, 21 March 2011


Damn I really need to get my finger out, I have barely played this weekend, ive only managed 700 hands and about an hour of play over 4 sessions… in the 700 hands I have won 8 of my $12.50 buyins and the over this really small sample size $25nl Rush is a thousand times softer than $50 .

Bad news however is that instead of my bankroll edging forward nicely I have had to withdraw the $100 for some Life Stuff, its really annoying to have to do this but needs must – moving forward our finances should be more reasonable as I have just finished a loan which was costing me £160 a month and my mrs is returning to do some part-time work now that Melina is nearly one….

Last night I was set to play some MTTs, and in particular the $215 entry for the $200k guaranteed on ipoker…. However by 7pm my dad hadn’t phoned me to confirm that he was putting me in so I logged into my account and saw him playing instead – fair enough I thought until I saw that he had paid for one of the boys that works for him to enter – I was fuming about this, this kid has played about 10 times and not cashed once!!! I have cashed twice for my dad including a nice $1440 for a 27th place last summer.

To compound my misery I see this clown actually hit the top 10 for about an hour and then he butchers this hand and gets bounced from the tourney when he was comfortably in the top 100 – how bad is this hand….

Sloth has KK and the blinds are 500/1k…. it gets raised to 2.7k with one caller…… Sloth flat calls from the big blind (I hate this play what if an ace flops?!)………….flop is a perfect J73 rainbow…… but then he bets 1.2k into a 9k pot…. What the hell is that bet!! Both people call…… turn is a 10….sloth bets 2k, one guy folds but the reflop raiser raises to 8k….. tough spot now… Sloth calls….river is a 8..sloth bets 2k and gets re-raised to 19k………..he calls and villain has 1010 for the turned set…….

In my opinion horrendous – what does everyone else think?

On the plus side my Dad cashed for $700 with a decent 51st place finish.

Tonight I will be getting my finger out and hitting the rush tables, will hopefully be able to strike a heater and start building this roll!

Catch ya later

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Good Start

So day 1 of the new journey began last night, i was torn between whether i actually wanted to play as i quite fancied just having a few drinks and a movie however i was told by my dad that he wanted me to play the $60k guaranteed on ipoker....

However the tourney turned out to be a $109 rebuy where i was told i wasnt allowed to rebuy - 280 runners top two paying..........i think i played one hand in the first hour but lucky double up with KQ beating 88..........2nd hour i managed to defy the odds and get into the top twenty but i blew the tournament by playing Q9 and not letting it go on a Q high flop with AQ getting a chunk of my stack, i ended the tourney by 3 bet shoving my stack with 79, the button raiser happened to have aces.....

The good start of this post comes from my first hands at rush poker, 15 minutes, 263 hands and nearly 5 buyins (+$54) the tables were indeed crazy so i cant expect this too much though!

off out to a party tonight so probabaly no poker today but i will be doing some tourneys tomorrow.

catch ya later

Thursday, 17 March 2011


So after the latest Degenerate episode where I dumped a chunk of my bankroll I decided enough was enough, a new blog and a new journey. Over the last three years I have won thousands but I was generally left feeling unsatisfied as in a lot of games I was barely beating them and was relying on mass-multi-tabling to provide most of the profit through rakeback and bonuses, the only shining light was 3 seperate scores in the four figure region!!

But that was then and this blog is now, I don't really want to refer back to my old glories or more importantly my old failings, I have a new plan which is as follows.

Starting tomorrow with a starting roll of $500 i will play primarily on Full Tilt, my game of choice will be Rush Poker Full Ring, to begin with I with play $25nl with 50bb buyins and until I get to $1k this will be all I play - the only exception will be MTTS on Sunday but i will be using a 100 buying rule so to start with no higher than $5.

As for my age old Degen problem, I will keep only 12 buyins on Full Tilt and keep the rest of my bankroll in the bank, a depost limit should restrict me to one withdrawal a week so hopefully I cant get stupid and Degen.

I plan to blog a lot more i want this to be a diary of sorts - i have left so much stuff out but i guess this will be poured out over the coming weeks

will this work? Fuck knows! look forward to starting tomorrow though!