Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Too Stressed to Play

Getting into the end game of moving house, pretty much all the building work has been done (new bathroom, kitchen installed + loft conversion) and now have painting etc to do....cost of all this is getting redic so when i do play poker and lose 3 buyins which is standard it just makes me angry and not in the mood to play.

So plan is too take a break from poker, maybe play the WBCOOP if i ever receive my tickets and start afresh once im in my new home

hope youre all playing and winning!!

Thursday, 16 February 2012


So the annual Bloggers tourney run by stars is back again, as well as numerous prizes of SCOOP tickets, there is also an impressive $5k reward for the best blogger.

Now, it is highly unlikely i will win any prize for my blogging but it is nice to think what i would do with the cash............

$5k.... use it as a bankroll for higher staked games? pretty much has to be a no. It felt like a kick in the balls when i donked off a $800 roll at heads up NLH a few years ago, i can only imagine the pain of getting hammered and dusting off $5k to some red pro or rich russian donk.

So the $5k would have to be withdrawn and to be honest i know exactly what i would use it for! two months ago i returned to the country where i was born, Singapore for the first time in twenty years. I met cousins that i had never met, saw my Nan sadly probably for the last time and introduced them all to be own family in my wife and 4 little girls.

I would love to go back asap, and $5k is just the right amount to cover the plane fares, hopefully my uncle will let me crash at his and enjoy the use of his swimming pool so we can have another boxing day bbq :)

Sadly if my blogging isnt quite upto scratch ill just have to bink the main event, hopefully taking down a few bloggers i read on the way!

Cheers Daly

Monday, 13 February 2012

Rake Challenge

Quite simple aim for the week, rake £100 which in turn would return me £55, not bad for a micro donk - hopefully there will be table profits on top lol

lets see how it goes

Friday, 10 February 2012

Blog More!

Really need to blog more as I when sit down to blog its the only time i pore over my figures hands etc and lets me do some self analysis.

From now on i really need to take at least 5 mins out to post something even if its just, played 10 hands doubled up and fucked off to bed!

Had to do some major withdrawals do the black hole that is my new house, nearly every job we get quoted something on there seems to be some stupid extras, its doing my head in!

anyways stats on the side, bankroll is £2 less then i began with which is a pain as ideally i want to get to 1k but real life comes first.


edit played some hands while eating breakfast and made 30p - WEEEE

Monday, 6 February 2012

Back for Feb

So i decided to withdraw some money and start again for February with a £300 bankroll,i seem to be in god mode again and so happy at the moment.

I will probably need to withdraw periodically as the house is caning my resources not to mention one of the daughters birthdays plus the car MOT,what are peoples opinions on withdrawing from your bankroll?

heres a beautiful graph, so glad i purchased Tilt Breaker as it is keeping me on the straight and narrow, i feel bomb proof at the moment = long may it continue!