Thursday, 22 September 2011

Starting from Square 1

my last post alluded to a plan which was doomed to fail.

i never win at starts for one reason

I am a tilty clown.

after winning about $200 i then lost $230 in one session, $50 grudge heads up matches will do this.

i withdrew all the money as basically i cant afford to lose $500

i have started again with 100 Euro's on Poker stars france under the handle Cheatyfrog (with Thierry Henry handball pic)

i also have 40 euro's on Terminal Poker which is a new rush poker style site.

the aim is to just grind with some elements of bankroll management and see what i can achieve, come decemeber i probably will withdraw a bit for the holiday but there is no real pressure to achieve


Thursday, 8 September 2011

I'm Back

Very quick post to say im back playing, will go into more detail about what has been happening in a later but the current situation is this..

i have $500 on stars, by the time of my holiday in December i want $1000!!

money will be withdrawn as extra spending money

go a progress bar on the side, it should be easy enough but i have never been a winner on stars and struggle with motivation.

4 months - $500 should need to win $4 a day - very achieveable lol

aim is to be back blogging every day, i need to cover staking, my current game of choice and a few others!