Tuesday, 7 August 2012


So started playing again this week, started with £100 and a fairly aggressive bankroll strategy as started with £5 aka 20 buyins then quickly moved upto £10 buyins at £150...this can be a recipe for disaster but as long as i run ok i find i can win quickly doing this strategy

mainly playing my beloved Omaha and also being a dirty shortstacker buying in for $15 and 6 tabling speed poker.

I have also purchased poker tracker 4 which seems a huge improvement and at long last you can have combined Omaha and Hold'em in one graph - tada!

so going well, £274 winnings plus £76 rakeback and im upto £450! will change upto £15 buyins for the forseeeable future, hopefully can continue upto £1k and back to regular £100 withdrawals like the good old days...

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